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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

It was probably the homesickness that brought us together.

My name is Belle and I moved to Savannah in 2018. Savannah seemed quiet, its charm seeped in. I fell inlove with the cobblestones streets, the victorian houses and the gentle grace of Spanish moss. 

Every couple of weeks, some friends and I would drive to Jacksonville or Hinesville to get a collection of Filipino food and delights.

I think there is where a dream began.

"We should open a Filipino restaurant in Savannah!" 

"We'll have sisig! And red horse!"

For me, it was above all, the company - the companionship. We rarely talk about how daunting it is to move to a different continent, to uproot everything you know and learn a whole new culture. I wanted a space where anyone can feel the spirit of the Philippines.


This is Rainier, Andrew and Franky. Rainier is Filipino who grew up here in Savannah. Andrew (Georgia) and Franky (New Jersey) are two of my closest friends in town. They helped me open the restaurant and cheered me all the way.

Not Just a Restaurant

It is place that became a beacon for the Filipino community, a place to gather, celebrate, and find solace in familiar flavors. And for Savannah, it was a window into a vibrant culture, a taste of a sun-soaked world where warmth radiated from every dish.

So, when you step into The Narra Tree, know that you're not just savoring a meal. You're joining a story, a tapestry woven with spices, laughter, and the unwavering spirit of home. You're part of a community that thrives on shared plates and open hearts, proving that sometimes, the most delicious journeys begin with a single bite.

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