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Introducing a new addition to Filipino dish collection we have! This rich in collagen dish is made of beef bone broth that is seeped for hours, corn, bok choy, potatoes and green beans.

Bicol Express.HEIC

Bicol Express
Crispy Pork on Coconut Sauce

Bicol Express is a popular spicy Filipino dish that originated from the Bicol Region in the Philippines. It is traditionally made with pork, coconut milk, shrimp paste, and a variety of chili peppers, including the famous Filipino bird's eye chili or siling labuyo.

Bicol Express is named after the Bicol Express train that used to run through the Bicol region. The dish is said to be as fast and as fiery as the train itself, making it a beloved and iconic dish in Filipino cuisine.

Pork Sisig
Sizzling Plate

Sisig is a popular Filipino dish that originated in the province of Pampanga. It is originally made from parts of pig's head and liver, which are first boiled, then grilled or fried, and finally chopped into small pieces. The chopped meat is then mixed with onions, garlic, vinegar, calamansi (a Filipino citrus fruit), and various spices to create a flavorful and tangy dish.

Sisig is a beloved and iconic dish in Filipino cuisine, known for its bold flavors and unique texture. It is often enjoyed as a comfort food or as a celebratory dish


Filipino Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, The Narra Tree boasts of handmade eggrolls (Lumpia) and carefully crafted dishes and desserts.

Kare Kare 2_edited.jpg

Kare Kare
Creamy Peanut Stew

The dish is known for its distinctive flavor and is often served during special occasions or gatherings.


Kare-kare is typically served with bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) on the side, which adds a salty and umami flavor to the dish.

Kare-kare is a beloved and iconic dish in Filipino cuisine, and its recipe varies from region to region and from family to family, with some variations adding additional ingredients such as crispy pork belly, seafood or chicken.

Sweet and Sour Dish

a popular dish in the Philippines that is made by frying fish and then topping it with a sweet and tangy sauce.

Garnished with sliced onions, bell peppers, and carrots. Filipino Escabeche is typically served with steamed rice and is a delicious and comforting dish that is enjoyed by many Filipinos.


Chicken Adobo
Marinated Savory Chicken

Filipino adobo is a popular traditional dish in the Philippines that is known for its tangy, savory, and slightly sweet flavors. Adobo is a cooking method that involves marinating meat, seafood, or vegetables in a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and spices, and then simmering or braising the ingredients until they are tender and flavorful. The dish has Spanish and indigenous Filipino origins and has evolved into a beloved Filipino comfort food with various regional variations.

Sinigang - Sour Soup
Vegetable | Pork | Salmon | Shrimp

Sinigang is often enjoyed as a comforting and flavorful meal, especially during rainy or cooler weather.

This beloved sour soup dish in the Philippines known for its tangy and savory flavors. It is typically made with meat (such as pork, beef, or fish), vegetables, and a souring agent, which is usually tamarind.


Stir Fry Noodle

a popular Filipino noodle dish that is typically made with stir-fried noodles, meat, and vegetables.

Filipino Pansit is a harmonious balance of savory, umami, and slightly tangy notes.


Stir Fry Vegetable

Popular stir-fried vegetable dish in the Philippines that has Chinese origins but has been adapted to local Filipino tastes. It typically consists of a colorful assortment of vegetables, meat or seafood, and a savory sauce. Filipino Chopsuey is known for its vibrant colors, crisp vegetables, and flavorful sauce, and it is often served as a side dish or main course with rice.


Crispy Pork Belly
Lechon Kawali

Crispy pork belly, also known as lechon kawali is a popular Filipino dish that features succulent and juicy pork belly with a crispy and crunchy skin. It is a beloved dish in the Philippines and is often served as a main course or as a flavorful topping for other dishes.


Sausage Patty Burger
Longganisa Burger

A Longganisa burger is a unique Filipino twist on a classic burger, using Filipino longganisa sausage as the main protein. Longganisa is a sweet and savory Filipino sausage made from ground pork, garlic, and various spices. Combining the flavors of longganisa with the familiar elements of a burger creates a delicious and flavorful fusion dish.


Filipino Style BBQ

Filipino BBQ, also known as skewered grilled meat or pork barbecue, is a popular street food and barbecue dish in the Philippines.


Once the meat is marinated, it is then skewered onto bamboo sticks and grilled over hot coals, basting with the remaining marinade or a sweet glaze made from ketchup and sugar for added flavor and to keep the meat moist. The barbecue is often served with a side of vinegar dipping sauce and sliced onions and tomatoes.


Grilled Pork Belly
Inihaw na Liempo

Flavorful and juicy meat with a charred and slightly crispy exterior. It is often marinated in a savory and tangy sauce, then grilled to perfection, resulting in a delicious and satisfying dish.


Grilled Quarter Chicken
Inasal Petcho

Chicken Inasal is a popular grilled chicken dish from the Western Visayas region in the Philippines, particularly from the province of Negros Occidental. It is a type of barbequed chicken that is marinated with secret sauce.


It is known for its smoky and slightly sweet flavor, as well as its tender and juicy meat.


Adobo Fries

one of the newest addition to our menu, this waffle fries is topped with american cheese, chicken adobo strips and garlic aioli. definitely a crowd pleaser!


Silog Meals
Fried Rice, Eggs, Protein

This combo meal is a Filipino staple that is available all day long. It started as a breakfast dish which quickly became a norm for any time of day. 

We have four options right now.

Tapa - marinated beef

Longganisa - Filipino sausage made into a patty

Bangus - milkfish, a Filipino National Fish 

Crispy Flounder - Deep fried fillet flounder

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